St. Nicholas Day – Dec. 6th


When I was in the fourth grade, we lived in Kaiserslautern, Germany for a
few years and one of my most treasured memories of this time was celebrating
St. Nicholas Day!  In fact, to this very day I still visit my mother on Dec.
6th to see if St. Nicholas visited my shoe with either candies or twigs!!


Who was St. Nicholas, you might be asking yourself?  He was actually a
historic fourth century saint and Greek Bishop of Myra, Turkey.  His whole
life he helped those who were less fortunate and needy.  As a Bishop, he was
beloved and revered as a protector of all in need and he died on Dec. 6th in

In Germany, it is a special time to celebrate “Sankt Nikolaus Tag” with
children not only cleaning up their shoes or boots and placing them outside,
but also with children waiting in anticipation of St. Nicholas to come and
visit their home.  As a child, I can remember going out with my family to a
festival that had a bonfire, hot chocolate, and St. Nicholas going around
visiting each child with a small gift.  It’s amazing how good memories can
affect us in such a positive way many years later!  I hope to continue St.
Nicholas Day traditions with my own family for years to come!

So, on the evening of Dec. 5th, don’t forget to leave out your shoe or boot
and say a little prayer that St. Nicholas comes to visit you with pretty
little candies!  🙂
By:  Anna E. Denney

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  1. Mary Ann Zeszutko | Reply

    I remember startling my teacher when I came in with a little bag of candy for her for St. Nicholas Day. While yes, he was within our universal Church’s traditions, this day wasn’t really celebrated at my Polish parish’s school. Sister liked it anyway.

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