Eve and Epiphany by: Kristine Rooney

What do Eve and Epiphany have in common other than starting with ‘e’?  That is the problem. Eve didn’t see her epiphany.  And how often do we miss ours?

Eve is often given a bad rap, giving us original sin and all.  We read in Genesis how she listened to the serpent and ate the forbidden fruit.  Now we are all doomed to being sinful because of it. “Why did you lie to me?”  “Eve made me do it!”  How easy it is to go and blame Eve!  It is easier to point to the reason for why something bad has happened rather than just sit in the uneasiness that there is evil in the world.  What Eve failed to do is make the right choice in the face of evil.

Eve and Mary are often compared.  Eve chose the wrong path while Mary said yes to the good in her life.  Mary saw what goodness could come from her choices and followed her heart.  It probably wasn’t as easy as I’m making it sound.  The Bible does say she pondered a lot.  But she choose the good, and Epiphany came.

Today is the Epiphany, the day we celebrate Christ being introduced to the gentiles by way of the three wise men finding him under the star.  The wise men followed the light to the goodness that lay there.  Like Mary, it probably wasn’t always easy for them.  But they must have known the goodness that would come from their choice to follow the star.  An epiphany, an illuminating discovery.  Just think of what epiphany can happen in your life if you follow the good in it?

Okay, we all make bad choices.  There are serpents in the world that tempt us.  We can’t hide from the evil out there.  But we can learn from Eve.  Choose what is life-bringing and good.  Your epiphany is waiting.

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