Not Enough and Enough


Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ

As the day draws to a close, the crowd is still clustering around Jesus after a long day of preaching and healing.  The apostles begin to wonder how such a crowd can be fed.  They show a kind of compassion as they urge Jesus to dismiss the crowds so they can fend for themselves in the surrounding villages and farms.  But Jesus has other ideas.  He challenges them, “Give them some food yourselves.”  But with only five loaves and two fish, the apostles know that is not enough.

Not enough. It is a phrase that harries our days and haunts our nights.  Not enough.  We must remember that for most of the people who will hear this Gospel today, this is no analogy.  They will be thinking; there is not enough food.  How can I feel my family?  What am I to…

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