What Kind of King is This?

Father Bob’s homily last Sunday…


Christ the King C

What kind of King is this?  This is the king who only wore the royal purple when they ridiculed him.  A king who was called one only to mock him.  A king who was only proclaimed one in a banner above the cross where his life was taken.  A king whose only crown was one of piercing thorn and whose only throne was a cross.

What kind of king is this?  He was never the king they expected anyway.  He was not the king to sweep the Romans out of power.  He was not the king to amass an army.  He was not the king to resort to violence in order to save.   He was the king that searched for a more permanent salvation; a king who campaigned for hearts, not for land and riches; a king who desired not liberty from Rome, but the true…

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