Advent is too hard! By: Kristine Rooney

Advent is hard


I’m going to be honest…I’m not that wild about Advent this year.  Advent is an impossible task.  I am trying not to listen to the Christmas carols, and I’m not getting stressed over the holiday rush of what gift to buy which relative.  Still, there is a lot to do.  Presents don’t buy themselves, trees don’t magically appear in the living room and all of the normal stuff of life still happens whether there are Christmas preparations or not.  Leaving the Christmas to-do list aside, Advent itself has its own expectations.  I feel like I’m being bombarded with prayers, reflections and ideas on what I SHOULD be doing this Advent.  I actually have a little Advent reflection book that starts out asking me to sketch out what my plans for Advent are.  I have no plans!  Am I supposed to have plans?  Now I’m stressing over my lack of plans.  Is this what Advent is supposed to be like?  Feeling overwhelmed and guilty?

Nope, I’m not going there.  Whatever is not life-giving is not God-giving.  As a matter of fact, I don’t know if God is anywhere in the “SHOULDs”.  Doesn’t that feel freeing?  Maybe it’s not that there is so much to do…there’s just so much that we feel we SHOULD do.  And Advent is here to say no to that.  Stop.  Pray about the “shoulds”.  Do I feel called to do this?  Does it help others?  Do I feel a “yes” inside when I think about it?  These questions will help make the choice of whether something is a “should” or a life-giving action.  And through prayer, God will be part of that choice.  Advent is all about prayer, reflection and anticipated life, right?  Maybe this Advent stuff isn’t so bad after all.

Richard Rohr and John Bookser Feister explained this idea so much better than I am in a December 1989 Catholic Update entitled “Christmas Watch: What Are We Waiting For?”  They said, “Come Lord Jesus’ means that all of Christian history has to live with an expectation – to live out of an inner longing or emptiness, a kind of chosen non-fulfillment. For the fulfillment we await is always to come.”  Many of the expectations we have will never be met.  We are not supposed to have everything figured out.  We don’t have to have a plan.  What we can do is live a life of prayer.  And hope.  Because no matter what we do, or feel we SHOULD be doing, Lord Jesus is coming.

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