Your Star Beckons

Father Bob’s Epiphany Homily…


Epiphany 2014

Herod was horrid.  It does not take much study to know that.  Herod was horrid and it is not surprising that when the Magi announced that they had seen a star announcing the new born king of the Jews, he is threatened and nervous.  Horrid Herod checks himself, (“I don’t think I have fathered any new born king of the Jews recently”) and then wrecks himself by trying to have the Magi reveal the location of the child so, as he lied, he might pay him homage too.  We are not surprised by Herod’s reaction.  But the Gospel also says that all of Jerusalem was troubled with him even though salvation had dawned just a few miles away.  Even the people shared the fears of Herod. If they had let go of their fears all their desires would be satisfied by truly giving homage to the child in…

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  1. Another very special homily by Father Bob, and at 8:30 was even more special while following the children’s performance’s in the choir and as the whole cast celebrating the Epiphany as the holy family, the wise men , the angels, and of course the star

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