Reflecting on the Creed

In our RCIA session last night, we discussed the power of the Creed and watched the following video.  I invite all of you to watch it too and think about the following questions as a way to reflect on it:

Are you a robot when you say the Creed, or do you pray it with your whole self?

There is a big difference between believing there is a God and believing IN God.  Which do you believe?

Do you believe Jesus can you save YOU?

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you?

How are YOU part of church, the people of God?

How do you live the Creed?


One response

  1. Kris, took me a little time to get to this. THANKS. It was great. I TRY to comment ON the blog, my little “gravatar” comes but it says this comment cannot post. SOMEDAY let’s talk about what I’m doing wrong. Marni

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