Stay Salty, You Light of the World

Father Bob’s homily last Sunday…


Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

My friend Pauline always said that we look better by candlelight.  That is certainly true.  And while we too often see ourselves only in a harsh glare, we all look better in the glow of Christ.  That is where we will be spending our time as we hear from now until Lent from the Sermon on the Mount.  Immediately after telling us who is blessed in the beatitudes, he now turns to his disciples and says what he is sure is true of them.

He begins by saying,” You are the salt of the earth.”  Salt of course adds flavor, but in Jesus’ time it was also the main method of preserving things, the only way to stop spoilage.  When Jesus calls his disciples salt of the earth, he is saying that those who follow him season the world.  They bring the taste of God…

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