I Think He Meant What He Said

Sunday’s homily from Father Bob…


Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time A

Some scriptures you own.  They are my favorite and I love to return to them.  For me, the Emmaus story always brings me peace.  And other scriptures own you.  I can’t shake them or forget them or discard them.  That is what, “offer no resistance to one who is evil.” And “Turn the other cheek and “Love your enemy” are for me.  I cannot escape its challenge.  It inspires and burdens me.  It challenges and frustrates me.  It gives me courage and it frightens me.  It frees and imprisons me.  But above all, it stays with me.   It owns me.

I was very excited to preach about this.  Usually, Lent has begun and we skip this Gospel.  I told my friend Fr. Tim that I was psyched for this homily and he looked at me rather sadly and said, “Yeah, but nobody does it.”

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