Is Jesus Really Present in the Eucharist?

The presence of Christ in Eucharist…thoughts by a friend of Father Bob’s…


Recently, a good friend going through the RCIA process wrote to me about “transubstantiation.” He is scientifically trained and spoke of someone who could trace food through DNA found in the digestive system.  Could we do the same thing with Jesus through the Eucharist?  He suggested, I am sure correctly, that he is not alone in this kind of question concerning the real presence. He thought I could share this response on the blog, so here it is.


I will not be able to trace the DNA of Jesus through the digestive tract and I will not be able to “prove” he is there in any scientific way.  Yes, this will require faith, but it is not a blind faith or one without explanation.

Let’s deal with the very technical term – transubstantiation.   The first thing to know is that the Church is ready to allow it still to…

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