The Transfiguration of the Lord (written by Kristine Rooney)


I love this story.  Jesus takes Peter, James and John to the mountain and becomes transfigured in light. Moses and Elijah join him and they start chatting  (What are they chatting about anyway?  Long time no see?).  Peter is floored by the whole thing.  He doesn’t want it to end.  “Lord, it is good that we are here.”  He wants to set up tents for everyone and just stay.

Being summer and time for vacations, can’t you identify with that feeling?  Getting away from home, experiencing new things and seeing beautiful places…it makes you feel like you don’t want it to end.  It is good to be there. You want it to last. You don’t want to go back to the job, the chaos, the stuff of the every day.  You can hear it in Peter’s voice:  Can’t we just stay?

Peter was still going on and on when God decides to interrupt.  God enters in, expresses love for Jesus and says they should listen to him.  Isn’t it interesting that when they are so happy and feeling so good that God shows up to their Transfiguration party?  Of course, God is a part of that joy and goodness.  God wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!  God reveals God’s self in those moments.  God causes those moments.  And God strengthens us in those moments.

Because, we always have to go back.  Vacations end (spoil alert), and we have to go back down the mountain.  The good news is, we can take it with us.  We can let those good, wonderful times transfigure us.  They can light us up and help us to take on what comes ahead.  We can be refreshed.  We can know that God enters in and doesn’t go away.  Jesus walks back down the mountain with his friends.  They are ready to take on what is ahead together.  God’s love never goes away, no matter where we are, and we are transformed by it.

Enjoy these summer days!

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  1. Reread this today. Still holding fast to summer and now a hometown funeral calls to me – let go. Come grieve with us. All the shoulds will somehow get done -or they won’t. And life will go on… it always does. Go be with old friends whose mom died suddenly, unexpectedly. Rejoice that she is with God and her husband whom she’s missed these last years. Go celebrate and laugh and cry. it’s endless summer for someone you loved. Take that in. (Thanks for these words Kris. Needed them.)

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