The Non-politics Politics of Jesus

Father Bob’s homily last Sunday…


18th Sunday in Ordinary Time A
“His heart was moved with pity.” Reading of Jesus’ reaction to the crowd that had gathered around him right before the miracle of the loaves and fish, I began wondering what ever happened to the word pity. It is certainly not a positive word these days. People say they don’t want to be pitied. Usually when someone says I pity you, it is not a warm thing. Did Mr. T in the eighties completely ruin the term by saying, “I pity the fool?” Yet, it was an emotion that Jesus had more than once and so it must be something worthy of understanding and imitating.
Let’s see why Jesus has this pity. He has just heard of the death of John the Baptist, his friend, the one who baptized him. (Isn’t something that the same dangerous mixture of politics, terror and violence still hang…

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