Mountains in the Midst of a Broad Valley

Father Bob’s homily last Sunday…


2nd Sunday of Advent A

I know what you are all thinking.  This is my first Sunday homily since I turned fifty.  He should be a lot wiser than before.  Don’t worry, I have the same expectation for myself.  And I really think that I have made some progress.  I have become much more efficient in how I sin.  You see, when I was young, I thought there were many ways to sin.  This action and that action were so numerous that they could not be counted.  As I got a little older, I realized that while many actions constituted sin, they all sprung from a few motivations.  Things such as pride, jealousy, self-hatred, anger and vengeance is how we sin.  But now I have it down to one way to sin and I am going to teach it to you.  You’re welcome.

First off, let me be clear. …

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