Ministering Angels

Father Bob’s homily last Sunday…


1st Sunday of Lent B

There is not a lot to work with in this Gospel and I preached about the second paragraph just a few weeks ago.  All we have is that the Spirit drove Jesus into the desert among the wild beasts where he fasted forty days and nights, was tempted by Satan and ministered to by angels.

Jesus has just been baptized in the Jordan by John and heard the awesome affirmation of his Father, “This is my beloved Son.”  But before he begins his ministry, he must have his desert experience.  The desert was not a favored place in Israel which cherished civilization.  It loved in cities and towns, but the desert was a place of foreboding.   The scapegoat which carries all the sins of Israel is released into the desert on Yom Kippur?  It is the home of demons, sin and temptation.  It is…

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