We can still hear an Alleluia!

Father Bob’s Easter homily…


Easter 2015

If you listen carefully, you can hear a bit of awkward early Christian history. Did you sense the competition between the disciple whom Jesus loved and Peter?  At first the communities headed by Peter and the beloved disciple whom we usually refer to as John were not united, so there is a rivalry between these Christians played out in stories concerning their leaders.  Not a bitter, antagonistic rivalry, but brotherly, gotcha, elbow between the ribs kind of rivalry.

You can see it throughout the gospel of John. All Gospels tell the story to Peter’s denial, but there is a certain impatience in getting to it in John’s passion.  Peter goes to the beloved disciple for help throughout the narrative. Come to think of it, naming himself the disciple whom Jesus loved kinds of loads the dice.  And then comes the story of the resurrection.  They are told by…

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