The Real God

Father Bob’s homily last Sunday…


Pentecost B

These statistics might be a repeat if you heard me on Ascension Thursday, but I am having a hard time shaking them off.  The numbers from the Pew Research Forum’s “America Changing Religious Landscape” are out and they are troubling for the home team.  After many decades of Catholics making up 25% of the US population, we are down to 20%.  For years we could be comforted by the fact that for every person that left the Church, someone else was converting. Now for every convert, there are 6.5 people leaving the Church.  And do you know what would make up the second largest denomination in the Unites States?  That’s right, former Catholics.

And what is fascinating is where they are going. By and large they have not become evangelical or joined another faith.  Hey have become “nones.”  Not “nuns”, that would be awesome, but none of the…

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