The Gift of Time

Father Bob’s last Sunday homily…


11th Sunday in Ordinary Time B

The most boring parable in all the Gospels has a lot to teach us.  Let’s face it.  Not a lot happens in the parable of the seed.  The kingdom of God is like a man who scatters seeds.  Then he pretty much goes to bed and wakes up, goes to bed and wakes up.  And then the seed sprouts and grows.  “He knows not how.”  It grows because “of its own accord the land yields fruit.”   It grows because that is what occurs when soil and seed and time come together.

I wish I were like that carefree sower of seeds.  Oh I do sow as many seeds as possible.   But rather than letting it grow of its own accord, I wake up, stand over where the seed was planted and complain that nothing has happened yet.  I curse my luck, I try…

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