A Nation of Priests

Father Bob’s homily last Sunday…


15th Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Let’s talk about Amos, one of my favorite prophets.  I like him because he is bold and courageous.  But he also has the most interesting occupation in the bible.  He was a shepherd and a dresser of sycamores.  I have no idea what that means but it has always intrigued me. What does a dresser of sycamores do? I just picture them walking around and imagining what outfit would look best on this tree.

Anyway, Amos has moved from the poorer southern kingdom of Judah to preach in the more prosperous northern kingdom of Israel.  He speaks of economic injustice and unjust systems the way Pope Francis has this past week in South America.  And he is obviously unwelcomed. A distressed priest asks him to return home and earn his money by prophesying in Judah.  Amos says something akin to “I ain’t no…

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