What is it all About?

Father Bob’s homily from last week…


19th Sunday in Ordinary Time B

This is one of my favorite jokes from the 1980s from the deadpan comedian Steven Wright.  It is a little subtle so wait for it.  “What… if… it… were…. really… all… about… the… Hokey… Pokey?”  I have been thinking about this lately because we seem to have some confusion about which ideas are big enough to let it be what it is all about.  I saw a car commercial bragging about technology, and the potential buyer said, “Wi-fi in the car.  That’s the dream.”  Really, that’s the dream.  Then there was a radio commercial which asked what brings people together than anything else.  I was intrigued.  After all, bringing people together seems part of my job description.  Then a chorus yelled, “T-SHIRTS!” and my heart fell.

People increasingly have a hard time telling the difference between the immediate and the ultimate and this…

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