The Problem with my Golf game if the Problem why I Sin

Father Bob’s last Sunday homily…


22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time B

As Fr. Tim and I were coming home from vacation, slowly grappling with the idea that we both had to preach this weekend, I read aloud the Gospel to Fr. Tim who said the list of what defiles given by Jesus always intrigued him.  I get that. They don’t seem to go together.  There are some things on the list that are tangible, something that any one of us would look at as sin – unchastity, theft, murder, adultery and blasphemy.  But then some of the other qualities on the list are intangible such as evil thoughts, greed, malice, arrogance and folly.  And this caused me to think about my golf game.  Just let me take my six iron out to explain.

Somehow, I got worse every time I played this vacation.  What defiles my game, my original swing sin, is the same…

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