Our Families and our Church

Father Bob’s homily last weekend…


27th Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Of all the speeches Pope Francis gave in his time in the United States, my favorite was the one he gave on Saturday night to the world meeting of families.  He had a carefully crafted two page talk which the media had already been given and chose instead to speak way off the cuff.

He mentioned a time when a little five year old boy asked him a question when he was a priest in Argentina.  Francis interrupted himself to say that little children ask the hardest questions.  He ain’t kidding.  I can walk into a high school theology class and handle every question and I can deal with our fifth graders at our school.  But those little ones…So this kid asked him, “Padre, what did God do before the world was created?” See what I mean, those little rascals.  Padre Bergoglio hesitated…

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