Take Courage. Get up. Jesus is Calling you.

Father Bob’s homily last weekend…


30th Sunday in Ordinary Time B

I love being on a mission.  I love the thrill of having a goal and the time and the determination to pursue that one big thing.  It give me clarity of thought and absolute focus.  There is the joy of singlemindedness and almost a purity of spirit as we pursue the mission.  We block out any diversions and keep our eyes straight ahead with our eyes on the prize.  To put it in a timely manner, being on mission feels like the World Series of life.

And when that mission is the mission of Jesus Christ, my excitement even grows.  What could be more important than spreading the good news of the Lord?  Nothing can quicken my pulse like the idea that the word of God is reaching where it has never been before; that someone unfamiliar with the promise of eternal life…

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