The Truth of the King

Father Bob’s homily 2 Sundays ago…


Christ the King of the Universe B

It seems strange that the last week of the liturgical year, a week before we begin Advent, that we find ourselves in the middle of the Passion narrative of the Gospel of John as Pilate interrogates Jesus.  Pilate is confused as to why Jesus is even there.  He is the purported King of the Jews yet there are few signs of kingship about him.  They said he might be a king yet there are no followers clamoring for his release and no soldiers threatening the Roman guard.  Pilate, the Roman Governor is familiar with politics and power which he wields ruthlessly, yet what he sees before him is a singular man, a forgotten man, a small man.  It is with incredulity that he asks, “Are you the King of the Jews?”

Jesus himself is formulating what it means to be his kind of…

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