It Was More Than a Table By: Kathleen Duff

It was more than a table.

It was purchased more than fifty years ago and became the gathering space for family grace, the center of the home. It held stories and memories of multigenerational holiday feasts in the dining room. It was draped for special meals with a beautiful lace tablecloth made by my grandmother. It remembered laughter and tears, love and gratitude. It circled people and prayers into blessing. Indeed, it was sacred space when we were all together and God sat among us.

The solid wood table travelled with my parents from Long Island to their home on a mountain in Pennsylvania where they retired. The family table eventually moved with my son, Patrick into his first apartment after the death of my parents. It kept Patrick company during his last years.

Volunteer workers from The Home Furnishings Program in Schenectady, a non-profit that serves people in need, loaded the old sturdy table into the back of their truck today. She’s headed for a new home now, moving in with a new family that needs to be gathered together. May they receive all the blessings held within our table, blessings created from our family’s tree of life. May they know, it was more than a table.

*EDITOR’S NOTE:  Perhaps you have a family treasure that has been passed down and used in love throughout the years.  It is such a Catholic notion to make the ordinary things of our lives extraordinary by being mindful of God’s presence within them.  Take some time to cherish your treasures this week.  Thank you for sharing with us, Kathleen!

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  1. Beautiful sharing by Katheen Duff on the Table that meant so much!

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