Star of Wonder, Star of Change

Fr. Bob’s homily last Sunday…


Epiphany A 2017

How many of you would you say are comfortable with change?  How many are uncomfortable?  The story of the Epiphany is about how we respond to change.  A star that had not been seen before suddenly appears.  Change is in the air.  When Magi show up in Jerusalem, proclaiming there is a new born king of the Jews, the current king, Herod and all Jerusalem with him “were greatly troubled.”  Change is always a challenge.  What happens next will shape the history of peoples.

There are three possible reactions to the star over Bethlehem.  One is to ignore it.  In all the world, only a few people investigate the phenomenon.  [The Bible never says there are three.]  What about everyone else? It is easy to miss a new star.  Who has time to gaze upon the sky?  We bow our necks, do our work and keep our…

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