The Loneliest Beatitude

Fr. Bob’s homily for Jan. 29th…


4th Sunday in Ordinary Time A

Last night I heard Fr. Pat give a terrific homily about the Beatitudes and I was jealous of him.  It is his first go round with the three year cycle.  The Beatitudes and the whole Sermon on the Mount are virgin territory stretching out for weeks.  And here am I on my sixth through.

Yet, there are advantages to being in my position as well.  You can find something relatively hidden and expound on it that you had never considered before and have not heard much discussion.  And so it is with “The Loneliest Beatitude.”  (Doesn’t that just beg to be a children’s book?”)

I divide up the Beatitudes into a few categories.  There are those traits I think any Christian would desire even if they are not always easy to accomplish.   I hope we would want to be peacemakers, merciful and clean…

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