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On Charlottesville


Remarks on Charlottesville Riot on August 13, 2017

In the beautiful first reading of Isaiah waiting for God in the cave, God is not found in the powerful wind, the earthquake or the fire.  Instead, God comes intimately, in “a tiny whispering sound.”  Yesterday, in Charlottesville, we found that God can speak even more softly than that – in the sound of a tear hitting the ground.

That tear sets off an alert in us.  That forces of hatred and bigotry, white supremacists and neo Nazis must still be confronted.  That when such horrific forces are at work they are borne of ignorance, fear and isolation.  Predictably, they can only offer violence and hatred in support of their banal arguments. They must be challenged as they were yesterday with peace, creativity and love.  We can never let down our vigilance against the forces of hate until we are one nation…

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Fr. Bob’s homily last Sunday…


Feast of the Transfiguration A

I have fallen in love with the word ENOUGH.  It is a strange word to fall in love with. It does not come poetically to the ear.  When someone asks how much do you love me, no one wants to hear “Enough.”

But perhaps they should. For of all that Jesus promised could be summed up in that word.  We are loved “enough.”  Jesus did not make outrageous promises of this life of smooth sailing and uninterrupted happiness.  He spoke of carrying our cross and imitating him.  But the cross would not crush and we may die to ourselves but it is also followed by a resurrection.  You see we have been given enough to endure our crosses, our heartbreak and our tragedies.

The Transfiguration is a story of enough – enough to sustain the disciples through the shattering events of the cross.   A reminder…

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The Pearl of Great Price

Fr. Bob’s homily last Sunday…


17th Sunday in Ordinary Time A

They come about it in different ways.  A man stumbles on a treasure buried in a field.  He reburies it elsewhere on the land and then sells all he has and purchases the entire lot so as to obtain his treasure. (It sounds a little sketchy, but the Rabbis of the time it was, for lack of a better word, “Kosher.”)  Another man, this one seeking wealth, finally finds the pearl of great price.  He too leaves it, sells all that he has, to buy the pearl. Neither man can consult with anyone for fear the secret value would be revealed.    They have come to a decision point that is instinctual and will change their life forever.

We all have, or will one day, come to this type of decision.  It is not the moment you fall in love or the moment of…

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