A World with Compassion and one Without

Fr. Bob’s homily for 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time…


24th Sunday in Ordinary Time A

Do you think St. Peter thought he was being extremely generous when he suggested that forgiving someone even times was enough?  If so, he must have been disappointed by the answer.  Jesus says they must forgive seventy-seven times.  And it is not as if he means keep checking off offences until the 78th and then giving it to the other guy is an option.  No, as seven is a sign of completeness then 77 is kind of utter completeness as if that was possible.

Then Jesus, in a brilliant two part story, explains why it is always necessary to always forgive in the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant.  In it, he presents two worlds, one of mercy and compassion and one of unforgiveness.  Both have a price to pay, but only one way offers freedom.

A desperate man is brought before his…

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