How I Learned to Love the Parable of the Servants in the Field

Fr. Bob’s homily for 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time…


25th Sunday in Ordinary Time A

There are two kinds of people who hear the Parable of the Servant in the Fields.  Those who are annoyed by it (and I can tell there are some of you out there) and those who love the parable and like to annoy those who are annoyed by it.  Guess which group I belong to?

I am going to try to convert you to my side, but first let’s set the situation.  The beauty of the story is that it is truly ancient and yet equally modern.  For in small towns and cities throughout the third world and in our state, trucks drive up to corners looking for workers for a daily wage.  Imagine that your task was the landowner’s.  Who would you choose?  I imagine you would choose the youngest, the strongest and the healthiest.  And if you came back at nine…

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