A Reflection on the Last Supper

Instead of commentary on all the readings for this Palm Sunday, here is an opportunity to reflect on portions of the Gospel and 2nd reading as they pertain to Eucharist.

Let us pray from the Intercessions of Morning Prayer of Holy Thursday.…

As we contemplate the mystery of Jesus’ gift of himself to us, let us pray:

Save your people, Lord.

You are present in the mystery of your Cross embodied in the Eucharist.  Bring all peoples into communion with your redeeming love.

Save your people, Lord.

You offer the world new life in the waters of baptism.  Be present to those who are preparing for baptism.

Save your people, Lord.

You strengthen the Church in the power of the Holy Spirit. Inspire with fervor those who are preparing for confirmation.

Save your people, Lord.

You anoint in your likeness new servants of the Gospel.  Renew in love all those who are ordained to the diaconate, priesthood and episcopacy.

Save your people, Lord.

You unite in love those whom you have called to mirror your love for the Church in marriage.  Fortify the bonds of love that bind all married couples.

Save your people, Lord.

You reconcile to God all those who have gone astray in sin. Cleanse and heal those who desire to return to you.

Save your people, Lord.

You strengthen all those who are called to adhere to your Cross in sickness.  Comfort the sick and those who care for them.

Save your people, Lord.

You give yourself as food for the journey to all those who face the passage from death to life.  Enlighten the dying.

Save your people, Lord.

O Lord, gather us in holiness around the table of the Cross, that together we may proclaim your saving love to all the world in word and in work, through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

 A reading from the Letter of St. Paul to the Philippians (2:  6-11)

The reading from the Gospel according to Mark (14:  12 – 26)

Reflection Questions from Moment By Moment:  A Retreat in Everyday Life:

  1. What do I remember about my initial experiences of the eucharist? How have those experiences influenced the significance I give to the eucharist in my adult life?
  2. How does being part of a community of believers help me to make the continued act of faith which the eucharist requires?
  3. What have reverent moments of receiving the eucharist taught me about intimacy?
  4. Have I made the connections between eucharist and service which are shown by Jesus at the Last Supper?  Do I experience the eucharist as strengthening me to serve as Jesus did?
  5. In what ways am I bread that is broken and shared with others on a daily basis?

“Throughout the week we can feel and express our gratitude.  We can experience, in the midst of very hectic and messy times, a peace the world cannot give.  All week – whether we are driving or walking from one place to another, or pouring a cup of coffee, or simply pausing to catch our breath – we can hear him say, ‘I have given you an example; do this in memory of me.’  He is broken and poured out, to completely give himself to our very human struggle that we might be whole and ourselves become bread for our world, “  (Retreat in the Real World, p. 243).

Let us pray…

May the cross be upon our foreheads

that we may ponder its meaning.

May the cross be upon our ears,

that we may listen attentively to God’s Word.

May the cross be upon our eyes,

that we may see God’s love in this world and in those around us.

May the cross be upon our nostrils

that the smells of this earth open us

to the mysteries of God’s goodness and other’s needs.

May the Cross be upon our lips,

that we may speak God’s love and mercy in our words.

May the cross be upon our shoulders,

that we may carry our cross and embrace the challenges of life

with the love and wisdom of Jesus.

May the cross be upon our hands,

that we may serve others as Jesus did.  AMEN

3 responses

  1. WOW. REALLY LOVELY….. I often reflect on the 7 year old I was so EAGER to be old enough to take communion. I saw my little self in church last week. Her dad said THIS year is her brother’s (he was sitting with his friend in a different pew). And you could see how much she wanted to walk up with her dad. Thanks for these wonderful prompts and intercessions.

  2. Beautifully written intentions. Lovely reflection! Really does spur reflection on the Eucharist. I also liked how the senses were being evoked in the prayer referencing the cross.

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