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A Sign of Hope By: Debbie O’Brien

lone crocus

     When I went to work today, it was a grey, chilly morning.  I can’t say I was full of enthusiasm and hope for the day.  After all, even when you know you are part of doing good work, working can be a bit of a drag.  As I rounded the corner to my office, I saw a lone orchid colored crocus standing tall and waving slightly in the breeze.  Seeing that tiny little flower changed my whole outlook on the day.  Hope for spring…hope for a good day.
     And I really did think…this is a bit of what Easter is in our everyday lives.  Much as we wish to live in the intensity of closeness to Jesus that we experience in Holy Week, and the excitement and joy of Easter’s amazing revelation, few of us can really do that each and every day.  But our faith encourages us to be Easter, as Fr Bob said in his Easter homily, in our world each and every day.
     And so I come back to the lone orchid colored crocus standing alone on a grey, chilly day.  A sign of hope…for spring, for sunshine…and a reminder that being Easter for another person doesn’t need to be a big deal.  We just need to stand tall, maybe sway a little in the breeze…be a little unexpected hint of color on a grey day…and be a sign of hope for one person who needs to know that this day doesn’t have to be cold and grey…there is hope because love is alive!