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Home By: Kristine Rooney

I have a funny little habit.  I try to find God in songs I hear on the radio.  Not obvious Christian songs but songs that are popular and maybe not really intended to be spiritual.  This song by Phillip Phillips has really hit me lately.  Give it a listen.

Home.  It’s more than a building, right?  It’s the memories of what happens there.  It’s where love resides.  It’s where you are always welcome.  Like in another song from “Cheers”, it’s where everybody knows your name.  There has been laughter and there have  been tears at home.  You can wear your pjs and nobody cares.

“Settle down, it’ll all be clear.”

Think about the Exodus.  The Israelites never felt at home where they were.  They longed for it.  They traveled far for it, even though they weren’t sure how it would all turn out.  They knew they could find a home where it would all be okay.  God told them they would and they trusted that.  Home is where God is.

“Don’t pay no mind to the demons; they fill you with fear”

Except when you don’t have that kind of home, right?  What then?  We will hear all about that this Sunday in the Gospel reading  (Luke 4:21-30).  Jesus is not welcome in his hometown…so much so that they try to throw him off a cliff.  “But he passed through the midst of them and went away,” (Luke 4:30).  Why does he do that?  He’s paying no mind to “the demons”.  That’s not home for him anymore.  Home is where God is.

“Just know you’re not alone cause I’m going to make this place your home”

God is always with us.  No matter what we do.  God is where love resides.  God is love.  We are always welcome to God.  God knows us.  God wants to be a part of our laughter and tears.  We can wear our pjs all day long with God and God wouldn’t care.  Home is where God is.