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Open Ourselves to Christ By: Kristine Rooney

RCIA 2014 catechumens

This is the theme of Lent for us at our parish this year.  What a beautiful thought – to open the door and allow Christ to enter into our lives.  It’s a brave thought.  It takes guts to put ourselves out there and see what happens.  And that’s exactly what our catechumens are doing.  Being brave.

Meet Jessica, Chris and Jason.  It you see them in church, say hi!  They have been going to RCIA sessions  (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, or the process of being baptized and confirmed into the Catholic church as an adult) every week, learning about this faith of ours.  They’ve had lots of questions, and lots of their own insights.  They’ve been journal-ing personal reflections on the topics we cover.  This journey is personal.  They are creating their own friendships with God, and we are blessed as a parish to witness it  (I apologize for the blurry picture; this is when they were first welcomed at Mass in January.).

They are opening themselves to Christ.  In the fall, they had no idea what lay before them.  They had a desire.  They wanted something more in their lives.  They wanted to find more meaning.  Doesn’t Christ lead us to all of this?  He does when we allow Him – when we are open to it – which is what they are doing.  They are an example for all of us.

It’s funny that those who are just beginning to understand the mysteries of our faith could be the example for us who may be “weathered” Catholics.  I went through the RCIA process myself 19 years ago, but every session we meet I learn something new or see something in a new way.  We never have it all figured out.  Christ calls us deeper and deeper into relationship with Him.

If you receive a prayer card today, or if you notice them in a basket in the back of church, please check it out.  There is a prayer of openness on one side, and intercessions on the other.  You will see our catechumens listed there.  Please pray for them among the other intentions.  Everyone is welcome to come to our RCIA sessions as well.  Through Lent, we will meet:

  • 3/11 on The Cross and the Paschal Mystery
  • 3/18 on Salvation
  • 3/25 on Morality and Decision Making
  • 4/1 on Mission and Stewardship
  • 4/8 on The Triduum

If you are interested in being baptized and/or confirmed as an adult yourself, or if you would like to know more about this wonderful faith of ours, please ask for me in the parish office.  I’d love to chat with you.   Be brave, and open yourself to Christ!