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Reality Check by: Kristine Rooney

I was outside yesterday, eating an apple and listening to a bird’s evening song.  The apple tasted so good to me as I crunched into it, and I was amazed at how the bird could make so many different sounds in such a little body.  I felt a deep sense of gratitude and God’s presence in that small moment.  And it struck me how important physical presence is to all of us.  I was enjoying all of my senses…the taste of the apple, the sound of the bird, the warmth and beauty of the sun (finally-sun!!), and the smells of summer approaching.  We like our senses to be involved in the meaning of things.  It’s a reality check.  Yes.  I am here on this planet and I have the senses to prove it.  I am earthed.  There is a security in that.

In that moment of gratitude, I felt God with me in it.  So God became real to me too.  There’s no hocus pocus, no vision, no supernatural encounter.  God just came to mind and was present with me.  It made me think about how important it is that Jesus came to us.  We read in John 1:14, “And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”  God in a body.  It’s a reality check.  Jesus was here on this planet and had the senses to prove it.  He was earthed.  God incarnate.

We need that.  We need to know and feel that physical presence.  The realness comforts us.  It bring us together.  It’s why we gather at Eucharist.  It reminds us again that Jesus was here.  He is here.  We walk up to the altar, we eat the bread, we hold the cup and drink the wine, we hear the music, we smell the smells.  All of the senses activated so that it becomes real to us.  Jesus is real, earthed.  Eucharist is a reality check, like our other God moments.  And we are physically part of it.  Wow, all of this because I was eating an apple outside.

What kind of a reality check might you have with God today?Image