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Think Outside the Silo By: Kristine Rooney


Before beginning, I want to apologize that yes, you are hearing from ME again.  I would love to have more writers for this blog.  If you are feeling called to write about spiritual thoughts that YOU have, please feel free to contact me at kafe@stkateriparish.org or 518-370-3136 X-239.  This is our parish blog, and it would be so lovely to hear lots of voices here!

Silos are tall, cylindrical structures that store goods.  They are usually for a particular farm’s use only.  They stand alone.  They have no other use other than their own purpose.  Once they have been emptied, their purpose is obsolete until they are filled again.  They have no needs other than maintenance and storage.  They do not live very exciting lives.

This contrasts significantly with community supported agriculture  (CSA).  In CSAs, people pay for a share of the farm.  In a sense, the community owns the farm entity.  In gratitude for their share, the farm disperses a portion of their harvest.  There is equality.  There is risk.  The portion is a mystery, of whatever is in season.  There may be an abundance of one good and a shortage of another,  You get what you get and must accept that.  But there is always equality and portions across.  So, there is plenty and gratitude in the sharing.  You have to participate in order to be a part of that plenty and gratitude.  CSAs exist for the win-win.  Both giver and receiver benefit.

I’d like to think this is how we can exist more peacefully in the world – as CSAs not silos.  Be sharers.  We cannot exist on our own.  Well, we CAN but not fruitfully  (intentional pun).  We are meant to be in relationship with one another.  As we go about our days, we aren’t supposed to just get through our own agendas…are we?  Is that living a well-led life?  To that end, will we be happy simply checking off our own to-do lists?  Life is better when we exist together.  When we share together.  When we help each other.  Maybe things get messy in relationships  (Some of my relationships are an absolute disaster!), but better to get messy in the sharing than to be a silo.   Only gratitude and plenty will result.

Think outside the silo.  Let us be a CSA.  Not just in our parish but in our lives.  It is a win-win, and God seems to be always in the win-win.  When goodness helps others, it helps ourselves.  God is that goodness!  Take the risk and put in your share.  See what happens.  It could be an unexpected life.  Be a part of the abundant harvest!