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As We Enter Holy Week…Thoughts by Helen Moon


I often think how The Lord is with me — with us — and yet I can go through my day rather unaware… So I’ve come to treasure a prayer to help me to focus on this loving Presence that permeates my life — all life. In Mass it comes at the end of the Eucharistic prayer. For me it has become a sort of mantra: “Through you, Lord, with you, Lord, in you Lord.” When in difficulties, problems or grief, I find these words bring strength somehow. When happy or celebrating, they bring me gratitude and a good sense of humility. They are great words to exercise through — and with. These words can become a morning prayer, a walking prayer, a pondering prayer — and a good night prayer along with a thank you, Lord! I share this in case you might find it helpful also.


Do you ever think about how wonderful it is to stand at different parts of our Mass? I do! When we stand in prayer with the presider who represents Christ, we are standing with Jesus and for Jesus. It is a position of commitment and purpose. I once read in an article that the early Christians decided to stand around the table of The Lord because that was the position of the servant at meals. Like Jesus who said he came to serve, so they also stood ready to serve — to be one with Christ. We stand at the gospel showing our readiness to be a part of this Good News. We stand at the Eucharistic prayers ready to offer our ‘flesh’ and ‘blood’ — uniting ourselves with Christ’s. We stand at the Our Father together — one in God’s family.  We then receive The Lord walking upright together. At the end of our Mass we stand waiting to be blessed and sent out to be the presence of the Risen Lord in a world in need.  As we head toward Easter I also think what a lovely resurrection position it is. May we rise up with joy and love this Easter!


It is wonderful to walk in spring, isn’t it? Even wet patches seem ‘mud-luscious’!  And just wait until the leaves start to burst out of dead- looking branches– and flowers pop their heads out of the cold earth! It is precious time to walk AND pray. I like to use the line from our Mass prayers: “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hosts. Heaven and earth are full of your glory!”  Maybe as we pray this simple  prayer, our hearts will burst open with gratitude and love for the many wonders of life.