The Glory of God is US

Father Bob’s homily last Sunday…


Second Sunday of Lent A

I am sick of this winter.  And it is more than about a meteorological phenomenon.  It has affected my attitude and I bet it has affected yours as well.  It has been a keep your head down, get through the icy wind kind of winter.   Yes, there are occasionally pleasant spring-like days just to tease us.  They come as shafts of light angling into a basement.  But then the cold reality returns.

And I think that it is often enough that way in our lives.  We keep our head down and try to get things done.  Try to keep up with our calendars, our deadlines and our homework. Occasionally, some light shines through, a moment of levity are a clear possession of beauty, but then it is back to the grind.

It would seem the Transfiguration was such a respite moment.  Jesus and the disciples…

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