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Father Bob’s homily 2nd Sunday Advent…


2nd Sunday of Advent C

On too many Fridays, Deacon Tom and I have to make a truly terrible decision.  Some heartbreaking event has happened somewhere in the world. Should we include it in the Prayer of the Faithful?  Of course we want our prayers extended to those who died in tragedies like in San Bernardino and we will.  But what about other places around the world where the tragic is a daily occurrence?  What about Iraq?   Sudan? Congo? A thousand other places where the loss is the same just further away.  And I think of the local tragedies – four killed in Albany and an unsolved arson just a couple of miles from here that took four lives, but seems to fade into the background without a compelling story line attached to it.  Should they be mentioned, remembered?  Sometimes I feel we should simply recite every week the…

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