The Wine of Life

Fr. Bob Homily for 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, cycle C


2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time C

Did you sense the tension at the beginning of the Gospel? Mary tells Jesus, “They have no wine.”  Jesus wants to know what this could possibly have to do with him.   I have seen that look.  Once I entered seminary and there was a problem in our family, Mom would ask me what I intended to do about it and I would say why me?  Why can’t I be like any of my other cousins?  She suggested that I have had some special training and now I could help.

As so often happens with mothers and eldest sons, she presumes that Jesus will do exactly what she said and sure enough he does.  They pour water into six stone water jars and Jesus blesses them and they become wine.  But I get why Jesus did not want this to be his first sign…

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